We regret to announce that Strada Vecchia 2018 has been cancelled.
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Strada Vecchia, (Italian for 'old road'), is a commemorative and nostalgic re-run of the car journeys that many UK holidaymakers made - and still make today - across Europe for their summer vacation.

It's not just a journey. It's a nostalgic adventure.

The 4pm Tea Stop

As your adventure unfolds, we invite you to make a 4pm Tea Stop.

This is in homage to drivers from the UK who would stop in the middle of nowhere around 4pm. They would get out the camping stove, kettle and china cups and prepare tea. They still do it today!

There is a prize for the team with the most lavish or extraordinary photo.

The Gala Dinner

On the final day, to conclude the Strada Vecchia event, there will be a Gala Dinner in Bardi with entertainment and prize-giving.

Extra tickets are available for family and friends.

Non-classic vehicles

Though Strada Vecchia is primarily for classic vehicles, non-classic vehicles are most welcome to take part.

The exhibition at the destination, however, is restricted to classic vehicles only.

The Stopovers

The Strada Vecchia journey to Bardi is over two days, with hotel stopovers on the Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

The first stopover is in Western Switzerland. The second stopover is in Northern Italy.

All the teams can meet up to dine, relax and share the adventures so far.

The Exhibition

At the destination, there will be a grand arrival of all the teams, followed by a presentation of the classic vehicles only.

Each classic vehicle will have a designated spot, and we hope that other local classic vehicles can join us.

The Challenges

To spice up your adventure, we will set your team a number of challenges that you can have a go at along your journey.

They all have a touch of nostalgia about them and will be easy and great fun to do.

We also hope to include other side events and entertainment.

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